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Baking frozen croissants. Instructions!

Line a sheet pan with parchment. Remove from freezer 8-10 hours before baking. Arrange croissants six to a sheet pan. Brush with egg wash (1:1 egg:water ratio) and proof in a humid environment at roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To make a proofer in your oven, pour boiling water in a pan and place on bottom rack while croissants sit on a higher rack. It will cool overnight, but this is okay. In the morning the croissants should be puffy and light, with a slight crackle on top. preheat oven to 380 (convection if possible), coat with egg wash again and bake until golden brown. (12-20 min depending on oven). Let cool for a few minutes and enjoy.

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Local Pickup

Thank for your orders, everyone. We’re really glad that you like the idea and will make sure this goes as smoothly and safely as possible

For those folks who selected “Local pickup” instead of “delivery” and are wondering when and where to pick-up on Wednesday’s or Saturday

We will have a pickup spot outside of our shop. However, we need to stagger scheduled pickup times so as to limit the number of people coming to the shop.

So: On either Wednesday or Saturday morning after 9:30 am please call Desi at (902) 521 3571 to arrange a time to grab your order!

We have also waived the delivery fee for immediate surrounding (West Dublin) deliveries.

Right on, catchya later!

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Order by Tuesday at 5:00pm for Wednesday delivery

Order by Friday at 5:00pm for Saturday delivery.

More detailed description of the process and general idea on the ‘About’ page

The first order will ship out on Wednesday. As we’re still receiving and sorting inventory, it will probably arrive late afternoon, depending on your order.

We’ll have more descriptions of items once we get this rolling and will work hard to have more local and organic options as we proceed.